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Fat Loss 4 Idiots Diet Review

Official Website:

Price: US$39

Product Type: This product is a digital download Ebook/PDF file and an online diet planner.

Welcome to part four of our weight loss product reviews series – Fat Loss 4 Idiots.

At first glance I expected to be disappointed by this product, considering it is only a 45 page report. Interestingly, the actual fat loss system is detailed in the first 15 pages. The other 30 pages are dedicated to general weight loss information. To be honest I GIVE away information that is better than this.

That said, when I actually read the product I was quite impressed, the information provided is good and the average person who doesn’t know much about nutrition would learn a lot!

Fat Loss 4 Idiots comes in two parts. The first is the 45 page report which reveals the 10 rules of fat loss. These 10 rules are the backbone of the Fat Loss 4 Idiots system. The second part is an online diet planner which allows you to choose a selection of foods you enjoy which the program then uses to form an 11 day meal plan. The report states that the diet planner works differently to the 10 rules of fat loss, though it doesn’t reveal the system behind the planner.

The basic concept of the 10 rules of fat loss is to eat four meals per day of approximately the same number of calories while ‘manipulating’ intake of food components or ‘macronutrients’ (carbs and protein in this instance). This involves rotating the types of food eaten in a specific way.

What you will learn from this product:

  1. Why regular dieting doesn’t work
  2. How to identify sources of protein and carbohydrate
  3. How to manipulate your intake of these macronutrients in order to maximize your fat burning potential
  4. What types of exercise will maximize fat burning
  5. How to make healthy food choices when eating out
  6. What supposedly healthy food alternatives are actually hampering your weight loss efforts.

Advantages of Fat Loss 4 Idiots:

  • The rotational pattern of eating will confuse your body and make it impossible for your body to adapt and adjust your metabolism to compensate. This prevents the weight loss plateau
  • Fat loss for idiots incorporates dietary aspects that are frequently overlooked when people attempt to lose weight. Specifically the issue of beverages and alcohol.
  • No intense exercise required
  • Shows you how to eat healthy even when you’re eating out at restaurants and ‘junk food’ establishments.
  • Provides tips on what to avoid in the grocery shopping

Disadvantages of Fat Loss 4 Idiots:

  • The diet suggests walking for two 30 minute sessions per day or one 45 minute walking session. It’s great that this exercise is low impact and possible for all but those individuals who have mobility issues. But it seems impractical because most of us have extremely busy lives and simply don’t have time to do this. That said, the online diet planner method does not require this exercise at all
  • States that you should NEVER do intense exercise when you want to lose fat… this simply isn’t true. For many of us, part of the problem is that we go to sleep with too many calories floating around in our system. Sleep causes our metabolism to slow down so those excess calories get converted to fat. It’s probably a good idea to skip for 10 minute or do a zumba class after dinner to burn off the calories consumed at that evening meal. That way, there are no calories left by the time we go to sleep which forces our body to burn fat cells to maintain bodily function while we sleep. So, intense exercise certainly has it’s place
  • There is not a lot of information in this book and much of what is there is very general weight loss info… it seems the writer felt that outlining the system itself in the first 15 pages was not enough and so they added a whole bunch of general weight loss information that doesn’t really add a great deal to the overall value… despite the fact that there is some really good information contained in that section.
  • This type of diet may not fit in well for those with a young family

One of the other things I always like to do when I create a product review is to do a little background check on the company behind the product. To do this I check the companies rating with the better business bureau. Fat loss 4 Idiots has a disappointing ‘F’ rating with the BBB. This is because they failed to respond to 7 of the 9 complaints made to the BBB. That doesn’t exactly inspire confidence in the company. While 9 complaints is not a lot for a product with thousands of sales per month, the fact that they don’t respond to complaints that don’t go through recommended channels begs the question whether they really care about their customers. So if you do choose to purchase this product and you have any issues, ensure that any complaints and refund requests are submitted through clickbank via the information contained in the email receipt sent to you at the time of purchase. Have a look at this post for how to avoid the majority of issues which may be experienced with online purchases.

I honestly don’t feel comfortable recommending this product even though I believe that this diet could cause significant weight loss and prevent the weight loss plateau with it’s rotational meal plan. As I said earlier, I GIVE away information that is better than this. Between the scantiness of the information and the company reputation I wouldn’t be all that keen on doing business with them. But it is information that will appeal to some. If you want to find out about some products that I do believe would be worth your while visit our Weight Loss Product Reviews category.

Finding Unbiased Weight Loss Product Reviews

When looking for unbiased weight loss product review you could be forgiven for being confused who to believe. Even when you search for terms including the word ‘scam’ or ‘complaint’ you’re most likely to find yet another review with at least one, or maybe several affiliate links to the product you were seeking a review for.

So how do you cut through the promotional hype to find the truth?

Well, for one thing, an unbiased weight loss product review shouldn’t hesitate to make negative comments about the product. It’s totally natural to be wary of a review that is sickeningly positive about a product. Whether the person believes that the package lacks something or would be better if it contained something additional. Either way, a truly unbiased review should contain that opinion. Unfortunately, many people who promote these products are afraid that making negative comments will deter people from purchasing.

Thankfully, there are websites that can indirectly provide a snapshot of products and services. For example, do a google search for ‘complaints board’ and you will find several sites which accept consumer complaints regarding products and services. You’re probably wondering how consumer complaints will help you assess the value of a product. Seeing the volume of complaints against a product can be very revealing. There are many extremely popular weight loss products available online like; Truth about Abs, Fat Burning Furnace, Weight Loss 4 Idiots and Gabriel Method. Thousands of these products are sold every month… if you searched for complaints on these products and found only a few then obviously the product is excellent quality. The fewer the complaints the better the product.

Another site that helps is the ‘Better Business Bureau’. Again, you can find their site via a google search. The Better Business Bureau analyzes the business practices of companies and gives them a rating according to the way they do business. Two of the most important aspects of the BBB analysis is the number of complaints received for a business of that size (i.e. complaint percentage) and dispute resolution. The highest rating is A+ and the lowest is an F.

Of the previously mentioned products, only the Gabriel Method had no BBB rating. The Gabriel Method is an Australian Registered Company and is therefore outside BBB jurisdiction. Other sites make it obvious that there are very few complaints against this product and company. To view a review of this product visit The Gabriel Method Review.

Fat burning furnace (Zero to Hero Fitness) has a BBB accredited ‘A’ rating. Accreditation must be applied for and will only be granted to companies with an ‘A’ or ‘A+’ rating meaning they comply with BBB business practices. To view a review of this product visit Rob Poulos’ Fat Burning Furnace Review. To view the BBB analysis of this site visit BBB – Zero to Hero Fitness.

Truth about abs (Irollie Marketing, LLC) has a BBB ‘A’ rating though not accredited. To view a review of this product visit Mike Gearys Truth About Abs review. To view the BBB analysis of this site visit BBB – Irollie Marketing LLC (TruthAboutAbs).

Fat Loss 4 Idiots has a disappointing ‘F’ rating because they failed to respond to 7 of the 9 complaints forwarded to them by the BBB! To view the BBB analysis of this site visit BBB – Fat Loss 4 Idiots.

One thing that is obvious when viewing complaints is that many of them are avoidable. That said, keep these things to keep in mind when purchasing weight loss products online

  1. Make sure you understand whether the product you are purchasing is a physical product or a digital download. Most of the popular weight loss information products available online are digital products which are downloaded. This includes books (generally referred to as ebooks), videos, charts, software programs and audio files. Some products offer physical products for an extra fee at some point during checkout. When reading complaints regarding non-receipt of purchase it’s obvious that some come from people who mistakenly expected a physical product rather than a digital download.
  2. Another common cause of complaint regarding non receipt of products comes from those who understand that the products are digital downloads but who never receive their download link. This can be due to a couple of reasons. The first is for those who use free email services like yahoo and gmail accounts. Unfortunately, google and yahoo may interpret the email as commercial spam and direct it to your spam folder, or worse yet, block it completely. The point is that free email services are not reliable for transactions like this. The second is that many email programs will direct the email to spam folders so you always need to check carefully
  3. Be certain to follow all instructions carefully! This means reading the pages that come up after purchase. With some products, after payment you are directed to a page that says ‘do not close this page’ because either the download link is included on the page or it contains a link to the download page. If you assume that you’ll receive your download link by email and close the page without reading then you might miss your download. Not all companies and/or individuals send download links via email (although I believe they should). And of course there could be a danger of the download link not arriving due to circumstances like those mentioned above.
  4. Make sure you understand refund policies. If the product comes from clickbank they have a 60 guarantee on products. If you need a refund on a clickbank product DO NOT go to the product website. You should have received an email receipt from clickbank containing a transaction ID. Go to clickbank and claim a refund using the transaction ID. Similarly, if the payment went through paypal, claim a refund through your paypal account. If the transaction appeared on your credit card and you never purchased it, contact your credit card provider. Going through correct channels is crucial to consumer satisfaction.

Rob Poulos Fat Burning Furnace Review

Fat Burning Furnace Banner

Official Website:
Program Creator: Rob Poulos

Deluxe and Ultimate version: US$39.97
Blow Torche version: US$69.97 (includes workout videos)

Product Type: This product is a digital download Ebook/PDF file. Videos are viewable online or may be downloaded. You also have the option of having a physical book delivered for an extra fee.

Fat Burning Furnace Review

Welcome to part three of our weight loss product review series. The fat burning furnace review. This review was created by a friend of ours in order not to confuse results by trying to have one person review multiple products. To view the other reviews in this series visit our weight loss product reviews category.

In your search for a genuine fat burning furnace review, you could be forgiven for feeling that there is no such thing as an unbiased review of this product. Even if you do a search for ‘fat burning furnace scam’ the websites you find will most often turn out to be yet another review of this product including affiliate links for where to purchase it.

So what makes this review any different?

Well, we’re going to be up front about the product by providing some extremely important background information that isn’t available on other reviews.

Zero To Hero Fitness (the company behind Fat Burning Furnace) has been accredited with an A rating by the Better Business Bureau. To see details of this visit BBB Business Review – Zero To Hero Fitness LLC. According to the BBB you can confidently do business with this company. At the time of writing this review, according to the BBB page there were 85 complaints, all of which were satisfactorily resolved. This number of complaints is surprisingly low considering the popularity of the product.

So what is the Fat Burning Furnace?

As anyone who has ever attempted to lose weight via traditional means (i.e. calorie cutting) is aware, these traditional methods result in hunger, cravings and eventually you reach a weight loss plateau where you just can’t seem to lose the weight despite further calorie cutting. This is because traditional diets send the body into ‘starvation mode’ in which it slows down the metabolism in order to burn less calories and preserve itself.

The basic concept behind the fat burning furnace system is to increase the your RMR (resting metabolic rate) so that more calories are burned… even while you are asleep.

The program focuses primarily on fat loss but also deals with the issue of whole body exercise in order to increase lean muscle content of the body (because lean muscle burns more calories)

When you increase your RMR, not only does the it increase the number of calories burned when you are exercising, but more importantly, it causes you to burn hundreds more calories per day whilst doing other activities, including sleeping!

As you can see, if you can increase your metabolism, your body will require more calories, thus negating the need to cut calories.

So does Fat Burning Furnace require dietary changes?

Yes, but not in the traditional dietary sense. Most weight loss programs focus on the main nutrient categories of carbohydrates, proteing and Fat. However, in this system, Rob focuses on micro nutrients. Micro nutrients refer to vitamins and minerals that our body requires for optimal performance and to help burn fat.

Basically, the system changes the focus from measuring foods and counting calories to choosing foods which contain the nutrients that your body requires, this eliminates cravings and helps increase your metabolism. So it’s not how much you eat, but rather what you eat. By focusing on these micro nutrients you will naturally end up consuming less calories anyway.

The book also reveals a comprehensive list of the types of food choices including menus and recipes to make your choice easier.

Will I need to exercise on the program?

Yes, but you can forget traditional cardio workouts. Rob doesn’t go near an exercise bike or treadmill.

If you’re looking for recommendations on gruelling cardio workouts then this program is NOT for you!

The workouts the Rob recommends are resistance based training you can do at home with little or no equipment.

On average the workouts last 30 minutes and include whole body exercise in order to maximize fat burning ability and increase strength, flexibility and muscle tone. Exercise is maintained at a slow rate in order to minimize the risk of injury and to maximize the number of calories burned.

The focus of these exercises is to burn fat and improve muscle tone. As mentioned previously, muscle burns more calories so increasing muscle tone also increases metabolism.

The only thing I didn’t like about this part of the product was that the video showed Rob doing these exercises in his fully equipped home gym. This is in direct contrast to the message the book presents of not requiring this equipment. Just keep in mind, you don’t need a set of dumbells, a couple of grocery bags filled with groceries will provide the same effect. Rob would have been better to show the exercises with everyday objects rather than in his gym.

So what were my personal results from Fat Burning Furnace?

In the first two weeks I successfully lost 11 lbs (5kg) and 2″ (5cm) off my waist. I will update this post with further results as they are achieved.

Fat Burning Furnace Pros

  • Gym memberships/equipment not required, work out at home.
  • No gruelling cardio workouts
  • Meal plans included based on consuming natural, healthy foods
  • Suitable for Men and Women of all ages
  • Email support and coaching included
  • 60 day money back guarantee if for any reason you are dissatisfied with the product

Fat Burning Furnace Cons

  • Would be nice if the videos came with the standard package
  • As mentioned, the workout videos give the impression that gym equipment is better
  • Physical version of the book only available for an extra fee during ordering

What does the Fat Burning Furnace include?

There are three packages available: Deluxe, Ultimate and Blow Torch

  • Deluxe: Includes the ebook plus three months of email coaching from the author (US$39.97)
  • Ultimate: Same as deluxe but also includes a metabolic calculator, body fat analyser and software to track your progress… Weirdly enough, this package costs US$39.97 the same as the deluxe package.
  • Blow Torch: Includes everything included in the Ultimate package PLUS workout videos for US$69.97

Fat Burning Furnace Banner

Mike Geary’s – The Truth About Abs Review

Welcome to our Truth About Abs review. Part two in our series of weight loss product reviews. To view the other reviews in this series visit our weight loss product reviews category.

Did you know that excess abdominal fat is potentially hazardous to your health? It’s true! Scientists have discovered that males with a waistline over 40″ (100cm) and Females with a waistline over 34″ (85cm) are more likely to have cancer. They are also more likely to develop type II diabetes and heart disease. Yikes! If that’s not a good reason to obliterate that abdominal fat I don’t know what is.

The author of Truth about Abs is a guy called Mike Geary. Mike is a professional nutritionist and personal trainer who reveals the secret to six pack abs. According to Mike, it starts with nutrition! Most people already have decent stomach muscles. The problem is that those muscles are hidden by layers of fat. So the abdominal fat is the issue. To develop great abs you will need to reduce body fat while increasing muscle mass. The purpose of Truth About Abs is to provide information and tips on how to achieve this.

Before I purchased Truth about abs after Julia asked me to, I thoroughly researched it by reading reviews. I sought those written by both users and medical professionals, and I specifically sought some where they were not promoting the product as this can be seen as creating a bias toward giving the product a ‘good wrap’. I was impressed by the results because even doctors and scientists were backing up the accuracy of Mikes book. There were a couple of very minor inaccuracies (like soy being fattening etc). But the overall consensus was that the nutritional information was extremely accurate, much as you would expect for a book written by a nutritionist. This book is a welcome change to the garbage you discover in most weight loss books.

But, personally, I believe the greatest strength of this book is the exercise and fitness section. Mike is clearly an expert when it comes to developing six packs in the shortest possible time. The book reveals several simple and effective routines to achieve this.

So what topics does Truth About Abs cover?

  1. Correct Diet & Nutrition – This not only covers what we should and should not eat, but also reveals the things that prevent us from burning fat, no matter how hard we exercise
    • The truth about dietary fats and why food manufacturers and media have confused you
    • Common myths regarding saturated fats and what you need to know
    • Shocking information about trans fats in diet
    • The truth about carbohydrates
    • How much protein do you really need?
    • How blood sugar and insulin affects your ability to burn fat
    • Specific foods and little tricks to significantly increase fat burning
    • Effective meal and nutrient timing to stimulate fat loss and muscle repair
    • Over 80 fat burning meal plans to provide ideas for your own successful nutrition plan
  2. Addresses the cardio myth – I was surprised to discover that too much cardio and crunches can actually prevent the development of 6 pack abs (this information flies in the face of what we’ve always been taught, but Mike provides concrete evidence to support this amazing concept)
  3. Reveals the exact method required to develop six pack abs – Including why exercises that utilize multiple joints are always more effective than exercises that only utilize single joints
  4. Reveals secret exercises that don’t focus on your abs, but will work them better than any crunch could.
  5. Provides over 50 exercises to help you develop a 6 pack.

The only downside to this product is that while it provides an outline of a simple meal plan, it doesn’t provide a straight forward plan for how to follow that at home. So although the information is excellent, Mike leaves the implementation of his dietary information up to the reader.

So what is my verdict for this truth about abs review?

Before investing in this book I was a skeptic, believing it would be full of hype and very little substance and I was refreshingly surprised. The 106 pages of this book contain some surprising information that I believe any man, woman or even child can benefit from. I’m certainly not overweight but using the information in this book I have successfully lost two inches (5cm) of fat off my waist and my abs are becoming more defined. It’s so cool because the girls at the beach are almost drooling over me now 🙂

So what have you got to lose besides the weight? And what do you have to gain… a great set of abs. And your purchase is risk free. Truth about abs offers GUARANTEED SATISFACTION OR YOUR MONEY BACK! But I’m telling you now, you won’t want your money back… especially when you see how effective Mikes method is.

The Jon Gabriel Method Review – Lose Weight Without Dieting

Lose weight without dietingReached a weight loss plateau? Want to know how to lose weight WITHOUT dieting? Sick and tired of losing weight only to gain it all back plus more? I know EXACTLY how you feel!

Welcome to part one of our weight loss product review series. To see other reviews as they are completed visit Weight loss product reviews

After I quit smoking on May 19, 2008 I made the unfortunate mistake of swapping the hand to mouth habit of smoking with the hand to mouth habit of eating and consequently gained 44 lb (20kg). At the start of 2010 I decided that the time had come to get rid of that excess weight because I had those horrid folds of skin on my side that sweat and chafe and make me uncomfortable. In addition, the extra weight put strain on my knees, aggravating the arthritis there and making it harder to walk, run or ride a bicycle, in fact running became almost impossible. So between February and November 2010 I successfully lost 33 lb (15 kg)… but then the Christmas season arrived and I regained 22 lb (10 kg)… grrr! Not only that but I suffered the usual problem that dieters experience of suffering cravings for foods that are counter productive to weight loss, I’d be really good for several days or weeks before the cravings got the better of me and I binged on chocolate, sweets, licorice allsorts or fatty foods 🙁 It was so FRUSTRATING!!!!

Thankfully, three months ago I finally became frustrated enough to purchase a copy of ‘The Gabriel Method’ by Jon Gabriel. I’d seen the book advertised online and considered purchasing it but hadn’t because I figured I could lose the weight by myself. Not only that but I was skeptical of the method. I figured it was all hype like most of the weight loss products available and that it wouldn’t really work. Having read the book and put it into practice I now know otherwise which is why I decided to share this Jon Gabriel Method Review. I’m not the sort of person who is easily impressed but in this instance I am extremely impressed.

So what is the Gabriel Method… Is it a diet? NO!!! Diets are all about calorie counting and restricting certain foods etc. We all know that dieting doesn’t work… at least not long term! The Gabriel Method explains why dieting doesn’t work in a way that makes sense. Although we lose weight initially when we diet, ultimately, our weight loss slows to nothing and we find ourselves in a position where we are dieting simply to maintain that reduced weight. The problem is that we experience cravings that we may be able to resist for a while… but eventually we give in and binge and before we know it we’re back to our original weight plus more! I’m sure most people who read this post will have experienced this yo-yo dieting effect.

Existing farming techniques result in nutritionally depleted foods because they are removed from the plant too early which cuts them off from the nutrients in the plant and soil. Processed foods also lack nutrients and unfortunately contain many toxins which our bodies store in fat cells to protect itself. Even the stress of modern life causes an inability to absorb many of the nutrients we do consume. The only way our body can respond to this nutritional famine is to stimulate our appetite in the hopes of getting the nutrients it needs. It’s a never ending cycle that leads to excessive calories and weight gain.

All of these things, diets, nutritional lack and toxic buildup cause basic chemical reactions in our body and brain that causes us to gain weight or hold on to it. Putting our bodies into fat storage mode.

The Gabriel Method approaches weight loss by providing our body with what it NEEDS. This works with your body rather than fighting against it. It’s not about cutting foods out but rather adding them. It may sound strange but with the Gabriel Method you eat whatever you want, whenever you want… as long as you also provide your body with foods containing specific nutrients.

In a way, you could say that with the onslaught of processed foods, our bodies have lost the ability to identify the types of food that contain the nutrients it needs. By providing it with these nutrients we re-educate it and in time our body starts craving these foods rather than the junk it craved in the past

The book also addresses emotional issues that lead to obesity. For example: Some people are obese because they were sexually abused as children. Subconsciously, they wanted to be fat in order to make themselves unattractive to the person who abused them, or someone who may abuse them in the future, or to punish themselves for some perceived flaw. Or perhaps the stress of life has caused them to gain weight to create a physical buffer between themselves and the stresses of the world. There are many factors that can make us subconsciously feel safer being overweight. The Gabriel Method addresses these issues and provides information and methods for how to overcome them so that we can feel safe being thin.

For the first two weeks after I started the method I actually TEMPORARILY gained weight because I stopped stressing about what or how much I was eating and gave my body free reign so I ended up eating a lot until my body recognized that the famine was over. After that, I noticed that I simply wasn’t as hungry, I went longer between meals and snacks and ate less when I had them. In addition, I wasn’t craving so-called ‘bad’ foods as much. As time passes this is becoming more and more true. When I do get hungry I seem to be craving fruit, nuts and sometimes even olives rather than cookies and chocolate etc. My body is no longer trying to maintain it’s fat stores. Within eight weeks my clothing was noticeable looser, especially around my thighs and stomach.

It seems weird that I’m losing weight without changing my diet, starving myself or forcing myself to exercise. My body is starting to burn fat stores effortlessly and I don’t have to exercise any willpower whatsoever. I have to say that this method is truly liberating.

Essentially, the Gabriel Method treats the underlying causes of obesity rather than the obesity itself. It addresses the issue of emotional eating, nutritional deficiencies in our bodies, psychological barriers to weight loss etc. Then it provides the necessary tools to correct these problems. Once the problems are dealt with, weight loss becomes effortless and we become able to lose weight without dieting because our body becomes a fat burning machine. Even if we consume too many calories in a day, our body simply increases our metabolism to burn them away.

The Gabriel Method has taught me:

  1. Why dieting doesn’t work and only results in temporary weight loss followed by additional weight gain
  2. How to lose weight WITHOUT dieting or starving myself. I didn’t have to reduce my food intake, I increased it by adding highly nutritious foods containing the nutrients my body required. Nor do I need to deny myself the foods I enjoy. I can eat my chocolate, cakes and sweets without guilt. Though I have noticed I’m craving these less. They’ve become something that is nice to have OCCASIONALLY! 😀
  3. How to identify my FAT programs. FAT programs are the things that cause us to be overweight. These fat programs can be due to many things like illness, medication, stress, emotional and hormonal issues etc.
  4. How to overcome my FAT programs!!!
  5. The nutrients and foods my body requires to ensure optimal nutrition to avoid nutrient starvation which leads to excessive hunger and overeating.

Check out the video below… It’s 57 minutes long but well worth watching

The Jon Gabriel Method of Weight Loss – Lose weight without dieting.

If you want to be set free of the weight loss struggle and lose weight without dieting forever you can download the first chapter of the book for FREE from the banner below and make up your mind before deciding whether to buy.

lose weight without dieting