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How Does The Atkins Diet Work

With recent studies revealing that around 75% of people in western society are overweight, many individuals are looking for diets and some are asking the question, ‘How does the Atkins diet work’? The basic concept of the Atkins diet is that it provides a way to reduce carbohydrate consumption while adding meat (and therefore protein) to your diet in order to maintain energy levels and reduce hunger pangs. The Atkins diet claims that this assists with weight loss since carbohydrates are the primary cause of weight gain in the first place.

Vitamin supplements and exercise are also an integral part of the Atkins diet. As with any diet, a regular exercise routine is fundamental to success in order to maximize weight loss results. Vitamin supplements are required to compensate for essential nutrients that you do not receive as a part of the Atkins diet. Many individuals mistakenly believe that they can lose weight by diet alone. Unfortunately, this is not the case losing weight by diet alone an not exercising results in loss of muscle tone and when the diet is ceased the weight will rapidly be regained. Diets may remove foods that cause weight gain in everyday meals and snacks, but they do not cause weight loss, only exercise can do this.

The Atkins diet reduces carbohydrates in order to deprive the body of the instant energy that carbohydrates provide, thereby forcing the body to burn fat cells to meet energy requirements. Carbohydrates are also the primary element that is converted into fat cells. So reducing carbohydrates also stops them being converted to fat. Of course, carbohydrates will not contribute to fat storage if the calories ingested are 100% offset by the amount of energy required in a day. Unfortunately, this rarely occurs except in those who are extremely physically active like athletes and sometimes tradespeople (builders, plumbers etc) whose work is extremely physically demanding. It is easy to consume more calories than are required by our bodies on an average day, especially since we rush our meals which results in overeating.

Try this little experiment. When you sit down to a meal, chew each mouthful at least 50 times (some people say 100 but I think that is overkill). You will discover that your hunger is satisfied much sooner than it would be if you ate quickly… frequently before you even finish your normal portion. Another tip in reducing the amount to eat is to reduce the size of the plate you eat from. The reason this works is because we eat with our eyes aswell as our mouth. It’s a strange but proven psychological phenomenon that precisely the same portion size is more filling from a smaller plate than it is from a larger plate. Anyway, enough odd little experiments 🙂

With the Atkins diet, while wondering how does the Atkins diet work, many individuals are suffering from insufficient information and sometimes even misinformation regarding the Atkins diet. For instance, individuals on the Atkins diet are unable to eat as much cheese or meat as they might think. In fact, portion sizes should be limited to specific amounts and those amounts need to be offset by other components of the diet. This common misconception has created much confusion regarding how the Atkins diet works.

However, when misconceptions are overcome, the Atkins diet works exceptionally well, provided that you are not pregnant, diabetic or anemic. Before starting on the Atkins diet, you should consult with your doctor to ensure that you do not have medical conditions that make the Atkins diet inadvisable. Learn how the Atkins diet works, and what it can and can not do for you.

Ultimately, only you can decide whether to go on the Atkins diet. There are several factors to consider, but perhaps for you the benefits will outweigh any potential pitfalls. Now that we’ve answered the question of how does the Atkins diet work you should be in a better position to determine your best option.

Staying Faithful To The Atkins Diet

Staying faithful to the Atkins diet can present quite a challenge, especially during induction phase which many individuals view as the hardest phase of the diet. Induction phase involves a dramatic reduction in carbohydrate consumption which can be overwhelming for the dieter. Common side effects at this stage include dizziness and even loss of consciousness. However, for those who are able to persist, there are clear benefits to the Atkins diet.

For example, the Atkins diet encourages faster, more efficient weight loss, especially in conjunction with a regular exercise program either at home or a gym. The added benefits can be even greater when utilizing supplements that boost your metabolism and provide your body with the nutrients it requires to be healthy. The Atkins diet works by a four-phase process that gradually introduces you to each new phase, with the final phase being maintenance where your diet provides precisely your energy requirements with nothing extra.

The four phases of the Atkins diet are:

  • Induction phase – two to four weeks in which carbohydrates are reduced to a maximum of two thirds of an ounce (20g) daily.
  • Ongoing weight loss phase (OWL) – Carbohydrates gradually increased until you’re losing 2-3 pounds per week. Phase ends once you hit 10 pounds ABOVE your goal weight.
  • Pre-Maintenance Phase – Carbohydrates increased further until you reach your weight loss goal. During this time you will discover precisely how much carbohydrate is required to maintain a stable weight.
  • Lifetime Maintenance phase – Begins when you have reached your ideal, healthy weight and are ready to simply maintain that weight

Diets are never easy to stick to, especially since we are surrounded by delicious foods tempting us to indulge ourselves. By cheating on your diet, you are defeating the purpose of that diet by your own actions and can eventually ruin the diet entirely. However, the Atkins diet will help you resist temptation and move forward by following the principles of the diet. Because you won’t be feeling hungry all the time it will make it easier to stay faithful to the Atkins diet.

For those who experience difficulty following a diet, it may be advisable to ask a friend or family member to diet with you. This makes you answerable to someone and also provides you with a support partner and perhaps even an exercise partner. If this is not an option, you could pay a professional trainer to oversee your diet or request that your doctor monitor your progress while on the Atkins diet. Having a support person to work with you is a great way to keep you motivated and build your self-confidence to assist you in following the diet. Be aware that you may experience dizziness whilst on the Atkins diet and avoid climbing ladders if you do experience this side effect in order to protect yourself.

Refer to the instructions within the diet on a regular basis and do what you need to each week. Self-control really pays off with any diet, especially if you exercise in conjunction with the diet. Each instruction has a logical reason behind it, and the reward of losing weight and looking great will really boost your self-confidence.

The fast paced lives that we live these days makes it difficult to stay faitful to any diet, and the Atkins diet is no different. Quite frankly, many diets are not worth the effort they require. Researching any diet carefully is crucial, including the Atkins diet. Consult with your physician before starting any diet so they can ensure that there are no underlying health issues contributing to weight gain and also so they can ensure that you are healthy enough to undergo the challenges of dieting and exercise. Staying faithful to the Atkins diet can make a huge difference to your life when you do it properly.

Atkins Diet Benefits

When attempting to overcome obesity and the health issues it entails, it is important to examine the Atkins diet benefits. While Dr. Atkins system still attracts a lot of controversy, it is not denied that he has created a system which can result in significant weight loss, thus providing some excellent healthy benefits when followed correctly in conjunction with regular exercise and when correct supplements are consumed. Dr. Atkins was the first person to undergo this diet and he is proof that the diet can be successful when correct nutrition and advice is followed. The success of the diet is what spurred him to release his knowledge to the general public. It’s important to remember that no diet is perfect must be customized to suit the requirements of the individual dieter, especially when they have specific health and medical needs. Still, the Atkins diet can yield impressive results.

The primary Atkins diet benefits include:

  • Weight loss.
  • Reduced hunger pangs due to high protein content.
  • Easily modify existing eating habits to incorporate Atkins principles.
  • Free membership and access to comprehensive information at The Atkins website

The average diet in western society contains far too many foods which are artificially processed and contain high levels of salt, fat, and sugar. Each of these items is slowly attacking our bodies and adversely effecting our health. Our bodies become addicted to these unhealthy substances which makes it difficult to get back on the right track. If an item contains large amounts of salt or sugar, clearly they are unhealthy for our bodies. The Atkins diet takes this into account and attempts overcome it by teaching you which foods to avoid and those you should consume regularly.

Many individuals do not understand how to maintain a healthy diet. Furthermore, it can be difficult to follow strict diet routines when unhealthy foods are often cheaper than healthy alternatives and the family budget seriously effects what can be spent at the grocery store. Many families must pick and choose what to buy in order to stay under budget. However, due to the Atkins diet benefits you may be able to relax these strictures by focussing on a smaller range of foods. This reduces how much you must buy.

Diets rich in protein are proven to have positive effects on weight loss, possibly due to the fact that protein satisfies your hunger much faster than other food elements. For example, you can burn more body fat by providing your body a regular supply of the nutrients it requires most. Additionally, by dramatically reducing the amount of starchy carbohydrates you consume, you force your body to burn fat for energy instead of carbohydrates. This reduces fat stores as well as reducing the food element most responsible for fat gain… carbohydrates. These steps reduce your fat, sugar, salt, and calorie intake while providing your body sufficient protein to provide long lasting energy.

Unfortunately, it is all too easy to indulge ourselves with unhealthy eating habits. While following the Atkins diet, you can be sure of providing what your body requires without the excess that can increase your weight and possibly even damage your health. The Atkins diet has created much controversy among science and medical professionals who have valid concerns regarding the long term effects of the diet so it is important that you receive careful monitoring and adjusting. Please consult with your doctor for professional advice regarding your diet.

NOTE: The atkins diet is unsuitable and unsafe for pregnant women and diabetics who require a steady supply of carbohydrates for optimum health. For those who do not have these requirements the Atkins diet benefits can be worthwhile.

Atkins Diet Meal Plan – What you need to know

Many individuals think about the Atkins diet and picture the horror stories you hear, about tasteless bars and unexciting meals twice a day. Contrary to widespread belief, someone on an Atkins diet eats five times each day, and each dish can be made in a very healthy manner that’s still very appealing to individuals no matter what their preferences.

An Atkins diet meal plan consists of five meals including:

  • Breakfast
  • Morning tea
  • Lunch
  • Afternoon tea
  • Dinner

The Atkins diet consists of 4 phases including;

  • Induction
  • Ongoing weight loss (OWL)
  • Pre-Maintenance
  • Lifetime Maintenance

Phase One – Induction: You cut carbohydrate intake to 2/3oz or 20g per day. This is the stage at which you lose the most weight (usually up to 15lbs in the initial two weeks… sometimes more). You stay in phase one for a minimum of two weeks but you may choose to remain at phase one for longer (particularly if you have a large amount of weight to lose). It should be noted that in this phase dizziness and fainting can be an issue. This is because when your body runs out of carbohydrates and has to switch to burning fat and the energy is not as instant so you may experience these symptoms while the switch over occurs.

Phase two – ongoing weight loss: You may increase your DAILY carbohydrate intake by 1/6oz or 5g and stay at that level for one to two weeks before increasing again. Weight loss slows slightly at this stage and therefore the side effects of dizziness and weakness reduce in frequency. During this stage you may begin to find your ‘carbohydrate level for losing’ or CLL. This is the quantity of carbohydrates you can consume and still lose weight. In phase two you typically increase your carbohydrates till you’re losing one pound per week. Then you remain at that level till you’re 10lbs from your goal weight at which point you progress to phase three.

Phase three – Pre-maintenance: You’ll increase your daily carbohydrate intake by 2/3oz or 10g and remain at that level for up to two weeks before increasing daily carbohydrates again by the same amount.

Phase four – lifetime maintenance: Begins once you have achieved your goal weight. At this time you will have discovered what your Atkins carbohydrate equilibrium (or ACE) is. Your ACE is the quantity of carbohydrates you’ll be able to consume without gaining OR losing weight. Imagine how powerful this is, if you ever reach a stage of wanting to lose more weight you’ll can simply cut back your daily net carbohydrates and begin losing weight again. This puts you in a good position to maintain a healthy weight.

After you eat as recommended above you’re more likely to get the nutrients you need for your day and to form a lot of energy throughout your entire day rather than having spurts of energy till you are hungry again. This also helps you limit yourself as a result of eating in smaller amounts more frequently. This means you tend to be less likely to gorge in one sitting and simply ensure that you receive the nutrition you need while feeling full and able to function and engage in your normal activities.

Many individuals feel they need caffeine to wake them up in the morning before work or beginning their daily activities. With this diet you should not feel these cravings for sugar or caffeine and can have plenty of energy on a regular basis as long as you follow the diet as it’s mapped out and maintain the correct eating schedule.

The Atkins diet meal plan was originally created by Dr. Robert Atkins to attempt and battle against obesity and help individuals to stay healthy so that they will be able to live longer, healthier lives. People do not have to be obese to go on this diet, you may simply want to improve your health and have more energy and be fitter. When a person craves caffeine it is sometimes because they feel a need for energy that they are lacking as a result of not having a healthy diet that provides them the nutrition they require.

In many ways the Atkins diet meal plan is easy compared to many traditional diets where you’re mainly trying to eat more nutritious foods to become healthier. Many individuals assume the Atkins diet is totally different than other diets when in many ways the only distinction is that it encourages you to reduce carbohydrate intake while still trying to stay you as healthy as possible. The Atkins diet is primarily making an attempt to help someone achieve their ideal weight and be as active as possible to stay healthy. With the delicious recipes that are available on the Atkins website for everyone to try, you are certain to be be able to achieve to your ideal weight while still eating things you enjoy.

One issue to keep in mind is that it is crucial to follow the Atkins diet to the letter. If you do not follow the Atkins diet correctly then you risk damaging yourself. It is important for you to visit the Atkins diet website. Don’t worry, it’s 100% FREE to join and you’ll be able to become a member of their community to get support from other members and receive more information on the four stages of the Atkins diet and recipes also. On thing is certain, if you follow the Atkins diet meal plan consistently then you will soon reach your weight loss goals.

How Does the Atkins Diet Work

There is a massive controversy regarding whether the effects of the Atkins diet are good or bad. Some individuals experience positive effects while others experience negative effects, and in some cases individuals can experience both positive and negative effects. Positive effects of the Atkins diet include weight loss and being able to eat smaller amounts without feeling hungry. However, dieters may also experience negative effects like muscular issues, dizziness or weakness.

The explanation for both of these experiences is the same, the way the Atkins diet works. So how does the Atkins diet work?

The main purpose of the Atkins diet is to dramatically reduce carbohydrates (i.e. sugar in its simplest form), thus forcing the body to use an alternate energy source. The next energy source your body turns to is your fat cells. Of course, when you burn fat cells you lose weight. Unfortunately, without exercise, you could also lose lean muscle, which not only makes you feel weaker but literally makes you weaker physically.

Some individuals consider that losing weight is more important than their overall health. This attitude is very dangerous and could mean that they will harm themselves without realizing it. Dr. Robert Atkins created the diet for himself to lose weight and the success caused him to release it for others to use. It was surprisingly successful in most cases. Controversy continues to surround the method and much scientific research has been conducted to determine long term effects of the Atkins diet. However some individuals feel that the negative effects outweighed any positive effect.

There are many advances in weight loss science and analysis every year, and in time these concerns could be revealed as needless or able to be overcome by small variations in the diet. Currently, there are still many positive aspects of the Atkins diet such as the recipes that are offered. With the Atkins diet you eat no processed carbohydrates (flour, cereal, bread, pasta), rice or potato for one or two weeks then you gradually increase your carbohydrate intake until you are eating a very balanced diet. So any side effects will be reversed and you get to keep the figure that you just worked so hard to acquire.

The recipes offered are extremely appealing to most individuals, and after being carbohydrate free returning to a healthy balanced diet will be very enjoyable. You will slowly increase carbohydrates into your meals by an extra 1/6oz or 5 grams per day each week… i.e. if you are on the first stage for two weeks you will allow yourself an extra 1/6oz or 5g of carbs per day in week three which will increase to 1/3oz or 10g in week four etc. This is designed to reverse negative effects while ensuring that you can then maintain your weight without damaging your muscles. Many folks have found amazing success from this diet for themselves and others they have recommended it to.