Where to Buy Shirataki Noodles

Where to Buy Miracle NoodlesAre you looking for where to buy shirataki noodles? It can be hard to find shirataki noodles locally at this time. But you CAN find local stores which stock them on the miracle noodle store locator. At the moment they list suppliers in the US, UK, Canada, Sweden, Mexico, Norway, Finland, Ireland and Denmark. All of these suppliers or a website where you can find them are available on the store locator.

In the even that there are no listings in your area, since shirataki noodles are Japanese the best place to find them is a local Japanese grocer and food store or ring them to find out whether they stock them. If you have a local Japanese grocer they should stock them since shirataki noodles are a staple of the Japanese diet. These gluten free, carb free, calorie free noodles are popular as a healthy diet option to reduce carb and calorie consumption so they should soon be stocked in many more stores. Some other names for shirataki to look for are konnyaku noodles or konjac noodles

Shirataki noodles are a delicious alternative to normal noodles and they are effectively a negative calorie food because they fill you up without adding calories. Using them in place of normal noodles reduces calorie intake by a minimum of 190 calories per serve (based on a one cup serve).

So what are shirataki noodles?

Shirataki noodles are noodles made from 97% water and 3% soluble fiber. They contain no sugar or fat, have no USABLE calories. Do not contain wheat or gluten. Don’t need cooking and provide many health benefits including regulating blood sugar levels in diabetics, promoting colon health, reducing cholesterol levels and weight loss.

How can these noodles be calorie free. Fiber is a carbohydrate which usually contain 4 calories per gram. If you think of it this way, because they are 97% water then for every 100 grams of shirataki noodles you eat they would have only 12 calories since the water has no calories. But, the body can’t digest fiber or convert it to energy. Hence fiber has zero USABLE calories.

Shirataki noodles resemble rice noodles. They have no flavor but absorb the flavors of the foods they are prepared with. They don’t need cooking, just rinse well and add to your favorite recipe. Just remember that they absorb more flavor by being combined with other other ingredients for longer. Each bag contains two serves but it’s okay to eat a whole packet because unlike normal noodles, they’re calorie free!

Personally, I find them delicious and filling. Especially in Asian noodle soups because they absorb the flavors really well.

So if you’re searching for filling foods with no calories, you’ve found them… Shirataki noodles are the answer!

Where to buy shirataki noodles – Locally and Online!

If you are looking for where to buy shirataki noodles when you don’t have a Japanese grocer then you can try a Chinese grocer. In China, these noodles are are known as moyu noodles or juruo noodles. But they are less common in China. If you see tofu shirataki noodles these are noodles made from glucommannan (the primary ingredient in shirataki noodles) and tofu. They have a less chewy texture but are not calorie free as they contain around 20 calories per 4 oz (120 g) serve but the added protein makes them just as satisfying. Compare this to normal noodles which contain about 125 calories per 4 oz (120 g) serve when cooked. All in all, tofu shirataki are a great option when pure shirataki noodles are not available. You can purchase tofu shirataki online from Asian Food Grocers of America

where to buy shirataki noodles

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You can always buy shirataki noodles online. This saves the hassle of finding a local supplier.

If you order online and want a discount, simply use the miracle noodle coupon codes below. Clicking the image will open the miracle noodle website in another tab or window

where to buy shirataki noodles with miracle noodle coupon codes

Watch the video below for more info on miracle noodles (shirataki noodles).

So now you know where to buy shirataki noodles. Go ahead it try them… all you have to lose is the excess weight 🙂

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